Help Android Docking Station plus MAJOR Audio Problem


Just returned the Philips Fidelio docking station. Bad sound and a piece broke off from the docking port two days after I got it

Any other suggestions besides Philips? I've looked and cannot find anything compatible with Android

Now into the problem:

I've run into major audio issues when using 3.5 mm connections and various headphones with my HTC One S. With regards to the 3.5 mm connection, i get tons of static and need yo jiggle the wire for it to work or it connect and the music only comes through one speaker. One connection did not work at all

As for the headphones, some work and others jump over to Google Voice. I want to T-Mobile and demonstrated this in person and they could not believe what they were seeing.

I had my device replaced for a brand new phone and the problem was exactly the same.

BTW - the first device was only 45 days old when I exchanged it

The headphone problem does not occur with all headphones. Some work and others cause major problems or don't work at all

Any feedback would be appreciated