Aug 2, 2010
Hi everyone!
I am seaching, which is better easytether of pda.net.

I am ready to hook up
I have been using Pda.net with my laptop and it works super smooth. I'm pretty new to the whole android thing and it was super easy for me to get up and running.
I believe I had mentioned this in another thread, but while Easy tether is cheaper, PDANet has an added feature that is rather useful. SMS Intercept. It allows you to be downloading/steaming data (netflix in my case) and get a text message on the PC that you are tethered to, without interruption. The message can also be responded to from your PC, never having to worry about picking up the phone if you have it hanging in a precarious position because that is the best place to receive a 4G signal. (nope, don't know a thing about that :rolleyes: )