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Android Figurines Now Available!

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by polyclef, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. polyclef

    polyclef Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Polyclef Software is the developer of lots of useful apps and fun games, and we also decided to produce our own vinyl Android figurines. We're now making them available for purchase at our website:

    Home - Polyclef Software

    Check them out!

  2. rossmathis

    rossmathis Android Enthusiast

    Those look so low budget. Somebody's mere attempt to copy Andrew Bell's work and make some money. Boo!
  3. Vulcan

    Vulcan Android Enthusiast

    looks low quality ill just make one out of plastic my self about 3x2? or just Google search it lol
  4. irishpride

    irishpride Android Enthusiast

    Everything about that site looks lowbudget, my guess is that this is just a shameless plug for the apps/games they develop.
  5. whytecell

    whytecell Newbie

    lmao, umm looks vinyl to me. what do you guys want Kung-Fu Grip? :)
  6. rossmathis

    rossmathis Android Enthusiast

    Looks like somebody melted down your mom's dildo and poured it into a cereal box mold of an R2D2 figurine. Then used some whiteout to paint the eyes.

    All in good fun; no offense to your mother. :p
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  7. Lukehluke

    Lukehluke Android Expert

    I think your need more figurines :)
  8. zoiko

    zoiko Android Enthusiast

    Cool, more choices.... give them a break. :D I myself have been looking into making something similar and it is not cheap. I think there will be a wide variety of Android items coming soon to please everyone, we just have to wait and see.
  9. rossmathis

    rossmathis Android Enthusiast

    Correction: There will be a wide variety of Android items coming soon, but most certainly not to please everyone.

    There will be Android items so vendors can attempt to sell cheap knock offs to unknowing customers. Selling similar items, that people think are one thing - only when they get them they realize they paid $10 for an R2D2 figurine.

  10. whytecell

    whytecell Newbie

    AWE! cute mom jokes :) You remind me of the piece of gum stuck on the side walk, When someone steps on you they try to peel you off from the bottom of their shoes, using the corner of the side walk or dragging their feet through grass and dirt, some even use a piece of stick to peel you off, anything to get you off of the bottom of their shoe, Then throw you to the side after you've been used up. Just so someone else can step on you in the future. While it's so much better to put you where you need to be, in the trash...

    All in good fun; no offense to you or your parents. :p
  11. TheSultan

    TheSultan Android Expert

    lol they definitely look cheap, and maybe somewhat "soft"---which makes me wonder, can it stand up on it's own?
  12. zoiko

    zoiko Android Enthusiast

    True... that's what I should have said :D
  13. polyclef

    polyclef Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ouch. Hey, if you don't want one, that's cool...but yeah, cut me a little slack.

    Here's the deal...I'm an independent Android app developer who started my own business last year while in grad school. When I saw the Dyzplastic figurines announced earlier this year, I was pretty excited. I wanted some for myself, and I also got the idea of buying a case and running a promotion where I would give some away as prizes for anyone buying one of my apps within a given time frame. So I went to their site the day the figurines launched, only to find out, like many others, that they'd sold out early that first day. I was bummed.

    So then I started looking into what it would take to produce my own. As mentioned above, the time, effort, and cost is not trivial, and it is difficult to find a manufacturer that either won't scam you and will produce something relatively close to what you want in relatively small batches.

    I had initially wanted more a more complex design, but it was cost prohibitive. So what I ended up with was a solid form, about 3.5" x 2" x 2", relatively soft vinyl (slightly harder than a rubber duck or a chew toy). The initial mold cost is expensive, but once it's done, subsequent production runs are cheaper. So I thought $10 was a decent price to offset the initial cost and make a little profit (I can drop prices a bit if I order another run), also considering that I believe the Dyzplastic figurines are still out of stock and their going for silly prices (sometimes $30 or more) on Ebay.

    I'm not trying to rip anybody off. I'm accurately describing and not misrepresenting any aspect of the product. Those who have bought my figurines so far seem happy with them.

    To answer the question about standing, yeah, they stand up just fine. In fact, they're a little more stable than the Dyzplastic figurines because they're slightly larger. Here are a couple more pics:


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  14. whytecell

    whytecell Newbie

    yeah... totally understandable, There's too many people out there who don't understand Independence. Atleast your doing your own thing man! props to ya!
  15. Cafe-Dave

    Cafe-Dave Lurker

    The price is right, I'll probably order one for my cubicle/work space.

    I think they look nice, and are totally worth it.

    All the people complaining have most likely not done professional level prototyping and short run production of under 1000 pieces. Plus they probably smell, and have squeaky voices (Doesn't feel good to have someone Internet Tough-guying you huh).

    Next time, you'll do yourself good to use a product development partner. I'd honestly suggest Laser Repro in Ohio. They really know how to Get It Done.

    Laser Reproductions | Rapid Prototyping, Manufacturing, Product Development, Stereolithography, Prototypes

    AP Proto is also a great place.

    American Precision Protyping

    SLA pattern will allow you to make your own Urethane Mold, and pour Silicone Parts (Or vice-versa). For about $200 in NRE with probably $3 in reoccuring. I'd use BJB Enterprises products BJB Enterprises: Welcome!. That'd be good for probably 200-500 parts.

    You can spend more up front, to lower the per-part price and use a vendor to manufacture, package, and ship directly. Laser Repro and AP Proto can help with that.
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