Android & Flash Player?

I have tried to stream music and video from certain sites and I can't because I don't have flash player on my phone. I have a Motorola Droid that runs Android 2.1 and I need version 2.2 to download adobe's flash player 10.1. Can I update my phone? Is there a work around for viewing flash content? Or do I just need to accept that this is just one of the things Droid doesn't?


You know you want to.
You could always root and get froyo and flash early (I got it on mine) But at this point, it all is being released sometime this week. So there is no point.. Unless you also want ways to theme your Droid, wifi tether, etc..
But at any rate, welcome to the Android Forums!


Great group very informative

I have the Hero just upgraded to 2.1

But as in other posts need to 2.2 to use and download

Flash 10.1

Any ideas much appreciated