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Android/Galaxy O/S rant

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kellertw, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. kellertw

    kellertw Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Ok so here goes my rant on the Android O/S. I bought a Samsung I9000 Galaxy S in Bahrain Factor Unlocked and I also bought an iPhone 4 also Factory unlocked in Bahrain. Here is what I have noticed:
    Updates via iTunes when available
    Actually Syncs with Outlook (Company Computer) contacts and calendar
    Of course adding music and pictures are a breeze with iTunes
    WI-FI and 3G are seemless…easy to use
    Large community to JB the iPhone

    Updates…what updates? Can’t get any from where I am
    Had to add “Kies” software…it took forever to figure out to get it to even load (XP Pro)
    Won’t Sync with Outlook (says it will) Contacts or Calendar
    Adding “files” Music or Pictures are a chore
    WI-FI very picky…won’t connect to some networks…recognizes them…but just won’t connect
    Where is the support??? Where is the real community?? I want to update to latest Android

    I travel a lot so I will just have to pack the SIM punch until I can resolve the Android shortcomings.

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  2. Scared

    Scared Newbie

    I was able to very easily sync my music to my phone using Windows Media Player, I haven't had any problems with wifi and you are not looking hard enough if you can't find a community to do with modding Android (hint. Google XDA).

    You complain that Kies is bad...I counter that iTunes is much worse (especially on Windows).
  3. w98seeng

    w98seeng Newbie

    I have both an iPhone 3G and a Samsung Galaxy S.

    I use Windows explorer and just drag and drop music, pics and applications directly to my SD card, which the iPhone does not have.

    How many times did I sync my iPhone with iTunes and it wiped my phone of previous apps when installing new ones?

    Generally speaking, Android is much easier to update, customize and use. It's much faster also.

    There have been 4 updates to Android since I started using my phone last Sept. Apple also has had updates, 2 in the same period.

    I use my Wi-Fi more than I use the 3G and I have never had a problem. Yes, the iPhone has a better GPS system than the SGS (Not by much though).

    Where is the support? Well, you bought an unlocked phone, get the people you got the phone from to support it.

    I have read many many posts about people who are not happy with their SGS and I find that for the most part it is something they have done or haven't done that is the problem, not the phone itself or the OS.

    I have a choice of over a dozen custom ROMs for the SGS that I can install on my phone. How many custom ROMs can you install on the iPhone?

    With the iPhone I had to format my ringtones specifically for iTunes. With the SGS, I just drag and drop any MP3 to my SD card and use it as a ringtone. What about custom wallpapers? Super easy with Android, not even possible with the iPhone, unless it's jailbroken, then the warranty is gone.

    I can install any app I want on my phone, not only apps that have been approved by Mr. Jobs.

  4. mattuhh

    mattuhh Well-Known Member

    To be honest, I don't see how you have come to the results you have.
    I have had my SGS for almost a year, and had two updates already, My SGS syncs just fine and what's this about adding music with iTunes is a breeze? In what world? iTunes is an awful program, I don't see how it could be any easier than it is on the SGS. Select the song's you want, copy, find the folder on the phone you want to put them in, paste. how is that hard?

    3g and wifi on an iPhone is easy to use? the signal on the iPhone is rubbish, whereas I always have a great signal with my SGS, and the wifi connects every time. Maybe you have got something set wrong on your handset.
    The android os has SO many different roms, and apps to change the way it looks and feels that the iPhone is soon going to be left behind.
    Let's be honest, at the time of release, most Apple products are outdated and over priced and most people only buy them as a status symbol.

    There is ONE thing I will say about Apple, or more specifically Steve Jobs, the man knows how to market a product to mindless sheep.
  5. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Android Expert

    Yeah KIEs is a real piece of work. I gave up using it a long time ago.

    I also use outlook, but I sync the contacts and calendar with my Gmail account, and sync my phone with that instead. It might sound complicated, but in return you don't need to plug your phone into your computer all the time.

    As for music and videos, I never liked the way how iTunes and iPods work - I much prefer to drag and drop the files myself. I like having total control over where and how my files are stored, and that includes folders and sub-folders. So I actually enjoy the way media files are stored on Android.

    As for updating to the latest android. Well, the most up to date stable rom you can get right now is 2.2.1. There's no stable version of 2.3 yet, and I fear we might never see one. With that said, the iPhone 3GS isn't getting the newest version of iOS either, though I suppose it's a lot older (one and half year now). However, do note that there's no real benefit of updating to Gingerbread, aside from better text selection. (And how often do you run into situation where you need to copy and paste text anyway?)

    THE ANDROID Android Enthusiast

    iPhone 3gs will get the newest update. Fact. Its the 3g that won't. Apple stop supporting iPhones after 2 years.
    I need copy and paste. It sucks on froyo so i want gingerbread that has better text selection.
  7. Alv

    Alv Lurker

    Status Symbol? Here the iPhone is like the go-to phone, it's almost considered lame. On the other hand getting a nice android phone that exceeds the iPhone's features or a feature phone that is pretty and overpriced is a status symbol.
    I'm having WiFi issues which started suddenly, I didn't do any settings changes, and as the thread starter does, I miss iTunes...
  8. mattuhh

    mattuhh Well-Known Member

    Yeah status symbol, most apple products are because Steve jobs has managed to market their products as being cool and trendy, and good job to him but the truth is most apple products suck, take the iPad for instance. A friend of mine just bought an Epad by some random company for under
  9. Hazwheel

    Hazwheel Lurker

    I always wanted an Iphone untill I got an SGS, now there is NO WAY I'd get an iphone. Android is simpler, prettier more customisable and there are plenty of apps we get for free that Iphone users have to pay for! (I'm talking legally here guys :p )

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