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Android galaxy s2 dropped in water, all main buttons do not work

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by helpmyphone123, Dec 25, 2013.

  1. helpmyphone123

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    I dropped my android cellphone in water for rufley 2-3seconds bottom first to be submerged. I took the phone apart and left it to sit in a tub of rice with all componets of the device seperated in the bowl. I left it there for ammount of hours, turned it on and the bottom buttons of the device still have yet to work. I put the phone back into the rice, along with all componets seperated. I dont know if the cellphone will still work or not even if it sits there 24 more hours, days. My mother lost her cellphone last week, and my dads this week. I was planning on giving her mine so she has a device to use. Now that plan as backfired. I need to know if i leave the phone in the rice for the remaining 24hours to see if it can be saved, or will it never work?
    Please somone help with this issue and quickly.


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  2. girolez

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    There is no way to know. You are doing the right thing. Leave as long as you can in rice. You may be lucky. ..

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