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Support Android gets no service forever

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by N Jenkins, May 25, 2016.

  1. N Jenkins

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    May 25, 2016

    May 25, 2016

    A while back I had trouble with my Android device. (In case you're curious, I couldn't access anything from Google, including Google PlayStore, Youtube, or the Google app.) I tried everything, but in the end I had to factory reboot. That solved my previous problems, but new ones emerged.

    After a while, my service would cut out. I couldn't make or receive calls, make or receive texts, access my voicemail, or get data. At first I thought it was just bad service, but the problem persisted regardless of location, time of day, weather, phone charge, etc. This did not start immediately after the factory reboot, so I don't know if the factory reboot had anything to do with the problem. On two occasions, the service restored itself. I'm fairly confident this had nothing to do with anything I did to it. But the service would go down as soon as I turned my phone off and on again.


    I cannot get any service from my provider, Virgin Mobile. This means no calls, texts, voicemail, data, etc. If I go to settings-->about phone, it lists my Up time and Model number, but everything else is "unknown," including my own phone number. Soon after start up I get a "Hands Free Activation / Contacting network..." message. After it fails, it gives me the options to "Cancel" or "Activate." If I hit "Activate," it says "Sorry - we experienced a system problem during your task" and recommends calling customer service.


    - Turned off and on again many, many times
    - Wait for service to return (it's been over a week with no results)
    - Top-up (i.e. pay for another month of service). My previous month had not expired anyway, and I'm good for the next month.
    - Removed and reinserted SIM card (while off, because battery is in the way of removing SIM card)
    - Removed SIM card, turned on device, turned off device, reinserted SIM card
    - Cleaning SIM card with a lint-free cloth
    - Cleaning SIM card with an eraser and wiping residue with a lint-free cloth
    - Swapping SIM card with another phone of the same model -- When done, my phone experiences the same problems, but the other phone registers as having the same phone number as it did before the swap. (Does this mean the SIM card does not contain the phone number?)
    - Calling customer support, as recommended by my phone's error message -- When done, I am answered by a machine, and the technical support offered is ineffective.
    - Asking Geek Squad at Best Buy -- They think it may be a conspiracy (known as a "force upgrade") by the phone producer to force me to buy a new phone, but this seems far-fetched.

    Please help me! I feel like I've tried everything, yet I can't even identify the problem. Am I going to have to buy a new phone?


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