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Android Head Unit Sofia 3GR problem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by wastar0, Nov 19, 2020.

  1. wastar0

    wastar0 Lurker
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    Sorry for my English!

    I have Head Unit Sofia 3GR (Intel Atom, 1GB ram) 5.1 Android for Sofia.
    One day I had interesting bug on my HU. It restarted and show me green Android and status bar.
    It was a few seconds then my HU on load.
    All settings android lost, but my applications were left without settings. It seemed strange to me!

    The next step I installed new version Joing android 6.0.1
    But two weeks ago I had green andoid again and I very upset!
    If I reboot my HU, I have green android again and again and again... after every reboot my setting lost!
    If I do hard reset data it helps on about two weeks.

    This screen after reboot my HU

    I don't understend this, buy maybe android clear SqlLite data where are stored settings. Because cache doesn't affect settings.

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