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Nov 3, 2009
San Francisco
I'm in Thailand right now and was just looking at the variety of smart phones in MBK in Bangkok.

I inquired and spoke with the Android dealers (I can speak Thai).

Here's the summary of handsets:

1) HTC Hero

  • 22,900 Baht, or $695
2) HTC Magin

  • 17,900 Baht, or $544
3) HTC Tattoo

  • 13,900 Baht, or $422


These are the "asking" prices. Everything here is negotiable and varies among dealers when you're ready to buy.


Currency conversion assumes 32.94 Baht/$

The handsets are expensive, but you don't have a monthly invoice, contracts, or detailed regulatory billing statements.

Everything is prepaid, minutes, data, etc. In fact, 7-Eleven is the most common place I replenish my dwindling minutes here.

I have the brochure of the HTC/Android/Google phones, but I'm going to omit posting the specs here other than to say they're all GSM.

I also told that HTC is the only Android handset maker at the moment here, but more are coming in the future.

It's here, but expensive.

They told me they very much preferred to use data on a WiFi network (free data if WiFi connected and active).


I will post the spec here shortly. I'm on vacation and this will involve coping the data off the brochure. I will scan the brochure eventually and post as well.

SanjayM (from Reddit Android)

I know that sounds expensive, but that genuinely is the going rate for contract free hardware with no monthly payment ties, Bangkok or anywhere else.

You might have some luck finding what are fake phones but running real android OS around bangkok, have you tried poking around Sapanlek in chinatown? Its a fairly notorious "black" market for branded high profit margin goods like watches, phones, pirated software. Its a bit dingier than MBK (Which is awesome no doubt) but well worth the experience.

You can get there by asking any taxi in bangkok for "Sapanlek - Chinatown", the entrance is kind of hidden, its under a bridge, ask around if you're lost its pretty easy to find really.
Thank you Sanjay.

Yes, that is correct.

I studied here for about a year at Chulalongkarn University in 2005 and I recall the difference from the US, for example.

I suppose I was getting sticker shock at the high figure because every time I come here, I consider upgrading my GSM phone.

I'm using the same GSM Samsung flip phone that I've had for nearly five years now. However, every time I think about getting a new one, I say to myself, "I'm only here for three weeks".

But I keep saying that every six months.

Sapanlek - Chinatown
Also, Pantip plaza.

However, once you hit bottom of negotiating, it pretty levels off. Profit margins are generally low here and even in MBK, you literally have kiosks everywhere so close and cluttered to one another.