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Android/ios app confusion

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by emfader, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. emfader

    emfader Lurker
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    Hi guys, I am basically a web app developer. There is an urgent need of an app for a company. Problem is I don't have much experience to make this app or time to learn it. What I am thinking or my question is, whether it is possible to make a webpage and run it inside the android app, without the user knowing that it is a webpage?

    Is it even possible?
    What are the pros and cons of it?
    This will be connected to a MySQL database and made in PHP.

  2. JVene

    JVene Member

    My first reaction is no, it's not going to work exactly the way you're specifying, but...

    As a web app developer you're probably aware that you're contemplating AJAX, PHP on the server side, HTML/Javascript on the client. That will work, and it will function on Android, IOS, Tizen (if and when it's released), Blackberry, Windows, Mac, Linux...everywhere.

    Yet, it is very unlikely you can fashion such an app to appear to be native.

    What you MIGHT pull off, however, is to find Java code which basically interpets HTML, and displays it as if it were a browser, and focus THAT to function exclusively on your server and it's PHP server side code.

    That assumes you're REALLY focused on limiting the client side development to your web application skills.

    Really, though, this could be THE opportunity to expand (it's a common, even required theme for developers). It's actually more difficult, IMO (notice I skipped the humble, though I really shouldn't) to write such applications on the client side with HTML and Javascript. Once you "get going", Java is MUCH better (which I cringe at saying because at heart I'm a C++ devotee).

    With all THAT said, what you're thinking about IS TIZEN. Tizen, at it's heart, will be based on HTML 5 applications. It's an HTML based app model, with Linux under the hood (and native - C++ - development as an option, much as Android in that way - though likely more open about it than Android was until about NDK 7).

    Tizen is vaporware at the moment (well, late Alpha / early Beta - threatening to be released for about a year now, pushed forward on the calendar MANY times).

    So....if you can be content with the obvious nature of an HTML app (as opposed to the appearance of a native app - as in Java on Android - not NDK in C++), then what you intend would work with that caveat.

    To remove the browser based nature, however, would mean either building a Java based HTML "player" for your app, to wrap a native application around that - for which I'm not all that well researched right at the moment - or moving your mind into Java on Android.

    Java is such a well designed language, that a good "dummies" book (no insult intended - I just think the series is fairly well done) would be sufficient to put the knowledge in your hands (if determined) over a weekend or so.
  3. venom2124

    venom2124 Newbie

    I've been dealing with a pretty similar situation and webview is what you would use to make the web app based off the webpage.

    Of course depending on what the website is designed to do you may run into some issues with functionality. If the site is planning to take input files from the user and send them somewhere, you will have to work with some code to get the functionality. At the same time though the function to get files is not a public API and is basically completely unsupported in Android 4.4.

    Like was stated getting a good teaching book can be key to figuring out how you want to approach the development.

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