Root Android L?

I'm wondering if the Hydro icon can run android L.


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The Hydro Icon definitely has the specs to run Lollipop, it just depends on whether Kyocera releases an update, or if someone makes a custom ROM.


We haft to get some devs intersted in cooking up some stuff for this phone, id love to see a odexed lolli hit this phone or for that matter 4.4.4. This is a nice sleeper phone lol. It just needs some work under the hood, I used to have a galaxy victory and it would clock out to 1.8ghz max 1.512 stable. I think this phone is very capable of hitting that mark


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Problem with these phones, they are locked down. Most likely not getting recoveries or roms. Kyocera from what ive heard portlocks the bootloader, preventing custom firmware and recoveries, this phone rocks any way.
I have the Moto E 2nd gen for Boost Mobile and it comes with Lollipop 5.0.2, we just got our 5.1 update last week, this phone is $99.99 at the Boost Store and it has 4G/LTE, 1 GB of RAM, supports up to 32gb for microsd, and has TWRP for custom recovery and is rootable by flashing latest SuperSU in TWRP, plus Xposed Framework works on 5.0.2 and 5.1 by flashing the respective sdk version in recovery per which Android version you're running, go pick it up, you won't be disappointed :D
The thing is that no one want to down grade for the newest upgrade, the kyrocera hydro icon is sooo much better but the upgrade is coming all we gotta do is hassle boost Mobile or metro, or what ever and tell them send it over air


It seems that the Kycoera Hydro Icon/Wave will never get to see Lollipop as there isn't even an Update for the "Stagefright" fix

The phone doesn't look like it's really even cared about. There are better cheap alterniteve phones so maybe that's why there hasn't been much attention on here. But there is always Hope