Jan 14, 2011
I have apps showing up in the Android Market (when I go to the app market on my computer) that say Installed but are not installed on my phone. They were installed at one point but are not now. Is there a way to fix this without removing ALL of the apps installed on the phone? Or if I can delete the downloaded app history will it update automatically with the apps I have installed on my phone right now? It is not the search history that I want to clear. It is actually the apps that I have downloaded in the past but are no longer installed.
What would happen if I did this? go to settings>applications>manage applications>all>market>clear data?
use pc and sign in see if you can clear them that way.
I cant seem to find an option to remove apps that were previously installed. The Android market webpage NEEDS to have the following two functions: (1) Phone sync functionality with user selected preference for keeping the apps on the market vs. the apps on the phone, and (2) Allow manual removal of individual apps from the Android Market webpage.