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Android Market "download unsuccessful" error fix

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by 6000, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. 6000

    6000 Guest
    Thread Starter

    I found a fix and documented it here: FIX

    Worked for my X10. Might work for yours.

    Have a lovely 2.1... DAY! I mean Have a lovely day.

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  2. X10iUser

    X10iUser Android Expert

    Thanks, but the same fix has already been posted on some of the numerous THREADS on the subject.

    1. Open Settings.
    2. Select Applications.
    3. Select Manage Applications.
    4. Select Market.
    5. Select Clear cache.
    6. Press the back button (takes you back to list of installed applications)
    7. Select Download Manager.
    8. Select Clear data.
    9. You should now be able to download successfully from the Market.
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  3. allbutlost

    allbutlost Well-Known Member

    Is it odd that while everyone else is getting this error, I'm not getting it at all? o_O
  4. X10iUser

    X10iUser Android Expert

    I've had it stall for a good minute or two but can't say I've had it either.
  5. rosered

    rosered Android Expert

    I haven't had it either..... yet.
  6. MrWomble

    MrWomble Android Expert

    i've had it, but just put it down to server overload at the time
  7. jcase069

    jcase069 Lurker

    I had this problem, too. But this fix didn't work, until I also uninstalled all market updates, as suggested in another thread:

    settings -> applications -> manage applications -> market -> uninstall updates
  8. dazek

    dazek Member


    absolutely nothing will update or install for me.

    it all downloads but fails on install. have tried the above fix but still not working.

    have a desire with android 2.33

    Can anyone help?


  9. CuBz

    CuBz Android Expert

    I get this market problem all the time, and after trying EVERYTHING, nothing works, and I just have to wait a few hours. According to other people, it is a well known problem, and google have still done nothing about it
  10. dazek

    dazek Member

    really? this the 1st time i had problem but i know have about 8 updates that consistently fail and i can't install new software. bit of a joke really
  11. dazek

    dazek Member

    also been going on a few days
  12. susanephan

    susanephan Lurker

    I've been having this DOWNLOAD UNSUCCESSFUL problem for days and I just resolved it (at least for now). I had tried all the clearing cache suggestions and nothing made any difference. I found the app I wanted on a different download site than android market and was able to download it from there. Then I went back to the market and tried the download of the same app and IT WORKED! So, maybe folks having this problem could try that??
  13. highaltitude

    highaltitude Well-Known Member

    I have not recieved errors displayed, however some of my downloads just disappear after 3 seconds or so and then nothing happens. If I check the same app in the market, it then says "cancel install". I can cancel it, then try to reinstall it and the same thing happens. It starts to install then disappears.
  14. leeroy878

    leeroy878 Lurker

    I have an X10 with Eminence on it, I can access the market and view it all fine but when it comes to downloading it just stays on 'Starting Download' and nothing happens, had it for a few days now and it's really grinding my gears. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

    I've searched forums and google for this problem but to no avail :/
  15. machinusx

    machinusx Lurker

  16. Argel

    Argel Newbie

  17. sfrrr

    sfrrr Newbie

    Since none of the suggestions in the other threads worked, I wonder whether one could sideload all the updates. (In my case, I can't even get the APKs to download so that I can install them manually--every time I try, I get an error message about the file's integrity.) I've tried commercial installers--they just don't work. Or what about a conflict--maybe between market and amazon, or market and appbrain?? Or just a conflict with another app? On the Pocket PC, it often happened that when you installed one app, another stopped working. I remember once it took about a week to track down the conflict, which was that I had changed the way the date and time looked in the task bar. (Who woulda thunk?)

    Related question; if I delete all the data from the download manager, doesn't that give Market amnesia?
  18. beau420

    beau420 Android Expert

    Did you allow installations from Unknown Sources? In the same section as turning on Debugging.

    Usually just clearing the cache will clear any errors or things stuck in queue.

    I have never had a problem with the Market, except after a custom ROM install. After I connected to wireless network, and disconnected and restarted the phone, everything worked fine.
  19. sfrrr

    sfrrr Newbie

    I wish. The only thing I haven't tried is deleting market data because I don't know what the repercussions might be. I'm not happy to just sit and wait for the market to correct the problem because it's been going on for a week. I'm about to try the opera browser technique. who knows? It may work.
  20. beau420

    beau420 Android Expert

    And if you are in a country that isn't in North America or isn't in the UK then it is possible the market is down in your country.

    The market is unique to every country google has an office in. Hopefully it isn't some local problem.

    Easiest I think would be to backup and reflash the phone.

    If you could get the AppBrain apk installed on the phone....maybe that would help.

    Do any updates on the phone. I know there was an update from Sony that changed the Market a while ago. So the Market has the Sony Xperia logo or something....I donno....my phone is rooted and doesn't have the standard Xperia OS.

    I lot easier than troubleshooting would be to take the time....do a backup and reinstall/flash.
  21. sfrrr

    sfrrr Newbie

    You know, I suspect you're right. But I can't get appbrain to update either. And can't find Appbrain's Web Installer anymore (thank you, Google). And I hate the idea of going through all that hassle. I got this Streak 5 (from Dell) rooted and unlocked after I bricked a previous Streak trying to upgrade its ROM from 1.6 to 2.2. This came with Froyo out of the box. So I'm going to try to find the problem, even though it is probably a losing battle.

    More questions:L why can't I download without installing from the Market, Amazon's appstore, AppBrain, or a bunch of smaller sites? And could having both the Market and Amazon's appstore on the Streak at the same time have caused the problem? And where do programs that are downloaded (and then installed) downloaded to?
  22. sfrrr

    sfrrr Newbie

    I know I'm talking only to myself here, but, just in case some future archaeologist happens upon this post, I though I'd report my meager progress.

    I found a sparse few, painfully few, Web site that would let me download, in this case, Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons. So, then, I winrar-ed them (probably unnecessary) and transferred them by USB to my SD card. Then, I unrar-ed them, clicked on each apk and "viola, viola, girl, girl" (very old joke), each installed.

    The problem is that there aren't many programs one can find that actually just download instead of download and then automatically install. And, you can't do this with paid apps. (I haven't visited warez or other pirate sites for decades, and don't intend to start now.)
  23. sfrrr

    sfrrr Newbie

    I've learned something useful, I think, but I don't know what it means. Used my oh-so-clever technique and then clicked on one of the APKs on my SD card and, um, got the same unsuccessful install. So it is not the market. It's something on my Streak. But what? And how come I can install freshly purchased apps, but not updates?
  24. sfrrr

    sfrrr Newbie

    OK. This is my last communication on this subject. I've found that if I un-app-to-SD programs just before I try to update them, they do indeed upgrade and then I can move them back to the SD card. Tedious, but at least it works. I haven't figured out what to do about apps that always live on the phone (rather than SD card), but I will.

    Hope this helps someone.
  25. Yesterday I went and purchased 2 brand new HTC Inspire phones ( I realize that these are not Sony X10 phones however I figured my discovery may help anyone who is having this issue.) Anyways my phone was and is still working perfectly whilst my gf's phone was getting said error msg. So I did what any rational person would do and started researching the error. After about 8 hours of failed attempts and frustration I logged into the Android market using the web not the app. Here I discovered after logging in using her gmail account that the market for some reason was trying to send the info to her old droid 2 phone. I saw an option to switch the phone after clicking the installed button next to the app selected and it did at this time download the app using the internet browser on her phone instead of the market app. After several more attempts with the market app not at all successful i tried doing a master reset and switching the gmail account to a brand new one since doing this we have not had ant problems but have posted to google about how they may b able to fix this issue. So essentially try switching your gmail account to a new one. Unless Google actually fixes the phone issue with the market this will continue to plague Android users. Hope this helps!

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