Help Android Market help with purchased product


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Hi All,

Hope someone can help me with this.

I bought and paid for a program called "Find Geocaches" on the Android Market, it installed okay , but failed to work.

I reported this in my review, and then uninstalled the product for a refund.

Anyway a day or two later the program creator released and update that fixed the bug i had found.

So i paid for the app again and agreed to the pop-up telling me i would not be able to to get another refund, and the purchase went through again (i got a confirmation email)

However i cannot re-download the app, i click on it, it checks the payment, says downloading and then abruptly stops and reports "Download unsuccessful"

Can anybody help?


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Thread starter google account didn't have the 3 digit number on the back of my card.

I deleted the card and re-added it and all went through fine.