Android market, Not all the same?

Hi everyone. I'm new and have a question.
My son in law has a android phone, plays a specific game that we all want but it's not on our android market? Can someone explain why that would be? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would think the android market would be the same for everyone.



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The Android Market is dependent on a lot of factors. Chiefly, the Android firmware you are running. Certain app's are only suitable for particular firmware. Also the country you are in. Certain app's are restricted in some countries.

So, in answer to your question... no, the Market is not the same for everyone.

I would guess that you have different makes/models of handset and are probably on different Android firmware.

Hope this helps. :D


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There are also apps that different carriers will not allow, so they are blocked. Then there are apps that the hardware might not run, such as Flash based things. You should still see everything if you go through the market website, but that doesn't mean you can then get it. For example, I cannot run Google Earth, so it is not visible to my phone. If I try to use the market website to load it, I would get an error message.


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Yes, as stated there are a lot of factors (location, carrier, phone, etc). It doesn't make sense to many new users, but it is what it is.

You can use Market Enabler to allow your phone to access other markets, but you must have rooted your phone for it to work.