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As an Android app developer, im interested in finding out what position our app got on android market. As im not sure if it got the same position in all countries.

Anyone whant to help me out, and check position on "Zedge Ringtones & wallpapers" in the entertainment category. The position under "All categories" is also interesting

At the moment it is (in Norway)
All categories : 39th
under Entertainment : 7th

As a payback I can do the same test for any of you guys if you'd like, just tell med the name of your app. As we have been developing we also have got our hands on 3 diffrent android devices, htc magic, htc hero and moto droid. So if anyone is curious and would like me to checkout anything for you, just give me a wink. ill be happy to.


You are the 11th app down under Top Free in the Entertainment category and 30 - 35th in All Apps. I am not a dev so no need to check the market for my app. Happy to offer this little bit of support. (you cannot see your own apps in the market?) Thanks for all your hard work. Looks like a nice app. I have a full SD card (anyone know when we might see a 32g card out?) so cannot download just yet, but from what I have seen in the Market this looks like a great option. As soon as I get some space I'll definitely give it a try.

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Thanks, that is a diffrent position than in Norway (7th here in Entertainment). Anyone to confirm that?

I can se in Analytics the app got most users from US, UK and Germany.

Anyone that can check the position in UK and Germany?
Hello westnes, I am from Uk and your app (as of 13:00hrs 11th Dec) is at position 8 in entertainment category and position 45 in all category.