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Oct 31, 2009
Looks like Android Market shows all the paid apps again for me.

I'm hoping it's working right and not just some of the apps I've looked for have copy protection turned off.

Anyone else confirm this?
Mine are all showing up again as well, plus I did a search for TV.com and it show up. I am soooooo glad this nightmare is over (I hope)
I own an Eris, not a Hero. I read both forums since they are "sibling" phones. I saw this thread and immediately checked my phone, because us Eris owners have had this issue since release -- certain apps missing from the market. Sure enough, three specific apps I had been looking for that were missing before are now available. Whatever they fixed for you guys fixed stuff for us too. Excellent :)

I have Jogger and tv.com again. Any one hear anything as to why this happened? I seriously started to get a bad feeling that this was a sign of what is to come in regards to HTC Sense.