Dec 4, 2009
Ok so i just got myself a HTC hero from sprint and i was wondering if i can buy things of the market but not have it charge my phone bill since its on ym family plan with my dad and if i can have like a account kinda like itunes where i can put in my credit card info and buy things wihtout having it charge my dad?

I really want some of thoe apps but i wanna get em myself.
oh and just wondering does the nesoid app work on hero? if its in the market should i assume it works for the hero? or is the market shared between all android phones.
Yep just click buy and it will give you an option to add your card details. In theory all market apps should work in all android phones, and that is generally the case, best way to find out is via reviews or trying the app yourself.

Do you know that you also get to try an app for 24 hours for free. If you uninstall the app within that time you will not be charged for it. you can only do this the first time you try a pay for app though.

And yes nesoid should work with the hero, try it out and see
Yea i just found out you can uninstall it within 24 hours which is pretty cool to try the app. Im loving this phone so far