Apps Android Mediaplayer class - onCompletion never called

I'm building an app that has a music player that streams music from a website. The music is playing fine, but I want to have the next song automatically played when one song is finished. I am importing


, am declaring

"implements OnCompletionListener"

in the Activity definition, am calling


in the onCreate(), and have coded

"public void onCompletion(MediaPlayer arg0)"

But the onCompletion method is never being called. I set breakpoints inside the method to try and determine why my code wasn't producing the expected results, but the method is just never called when one song ends.

Does anyone know what the problem might be? Before I had the music streaming from the internet, I had it playing files from the R.raw folder, and the same problem existed.

I don't know how to debug this, because it's a method that should be called automatically and is just never being called.