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Hi, sorry I am new to this site with hope someone may be able to help me. Me and my friend purchased a EPU android 7'' netbook for my mum, as she is not to cracky with computers and we assumed this would be a bit more easier, anyway she loves it!! Problem is she has no home broadband so we attempted to find a dongle BUT we have found that they don't support android systems? (If anyone know any what do please do tell lol!) she cant afford to have a complete phoneline so we would like a cheaper option i.e a top up dongle if any? if not can you get a top up wifi router type thing? Any ideas welcome thanks :)


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First off dongle? I am confused?

If you are interested in a router, then you can get them off Amazon or Newegg pretty cheap. Would probably be your best bet.


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Sorry as in the mobile broadband usb dongles lol! and I understand she can use a router but how would she connect to internet does she need a supplier or do any of the mobile networks supply a router you can buy (one off payment) then maybe top up? with a sim inside, sorry so many questions.
I know Verizon Wireless has the dongles that you speak of (they also have modems/hotspots). So if she bought a router, she might be able to just hook it up to one of their devices and be good witht hat.


It should be able to connect with a MiFi 3G/4G portable hotspot type device. If the netbook has USB OTG, it might work with certain 3G/4G USB modems as well, usually Huawei and ZTE. You'll have to check the device's documentation for this. Availability and pricing will vary depending on what country you're in.