Android Newb : Prepaid and Android


Hi there people. I'm a first time poster here, so nice meeting you all.

Here's the deal.
I'm a student and (you can allready guess), I don't have much money. I saved up for a new phone and since I dropped my Samsung 2 days ago and broke the screen, it's time for a new phone.

I am a complete Android noob, but I am very interested in the system. It also seems some Android phones are within my budget.

I was just wondering if it is possible to use an Android device with a prepaid card? If so : does it depend on the phone or does it depend on the system?

I live in Belgium and currently I am using a prepaid card with 5000 free text messages a month and 15 euro's worth of calling time. I reload my card when I need to.

In case I would get an Android phone, I would use the build in wifi and no 3G or any other mobile way to access the internet.

Thanks for your time and thanks in advance for answering.