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Android newbi: hTC DHD & USIM unlock

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by ascanio1, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. ascanio1

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    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Tommaso, I'm Italian but have been living in Tokyo for 10 years now.

    I remember my first Motorola MicroTAC in 1990 which led a series of Motorola's until Nokia brought out the 6630 UMTS with Symbian. Faithful to Symbian I had some 15 Nokias since then and I am now using an N8.

    Recently my Japanese carrier offered me a free phone: hTC Desire HD. I took up the gift and I discovered a new world: I wonder how I managed with Symbain for so long! But while I know Symbian inside out I have absolutely no clue as to how the Android OS works.

    Since I travel very often I need contracts with 4 carriers (US, UK, Fr and Ita) plus my local Japanese and I need at least 2 lines working simoultaneously.

    I use my phones for voice traffic, internet information research (restaurants, images, facts), image capturing (lots of snap shots every day), and region sensitive content streaming.

    I am VERY happy of my new phone OS but I cannot use it as the carrier (Japan's Softbank) gave me a locked phone with the carrier's proprietary firmware plus a new, smartphone specific locked USIM. Because of my constant need for region based content streaming and because of a very irritating proprietary firmware I have in my hands a beautiful BRICK with a wonderful potential!

    I also own other devices (Nokia N8, N86, N95 8GB etc) which are all unlocked in origin with the original correct Product Codes and original Data Packages enabling them all to stream my region specific content with all and every one of my Sim cards except the new Softbank Smartphone USIM.

    I need some help, please:
    Remove all proprietary Softbank Firmware from my new hTC DHD;
    Unlock this device to enable it to accept AND work with any of my 5 carriers USIMs (including the respective APNs);
    Unlock my Smartphone Softbank USIM to enable it to work in any one of my other phones WITH the full features of the Softbank Network: free use of MMS and the unlimited data plans. I have the correct APN for the Softbank Network (they do not check the IMEI) but the SIM will not let me open the appropriate menu when it's inserted in any phone.

    I appreciate any help, TIA,



  2. ascanio1

    ascanio1 Newbie
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    I apologise for posting here a presentation which includes a question. I am re posting in the correct forum.

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