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Android Newbster.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by slonlo350, May 26, 2010.

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    My name is Chase, and I just made a SUPER impulsive HTC EVO pre-order. I've been all into windows mobile for the past couple years, with an HTC Mogul (6800) and then a Touch Pro. Loved em both, and ALMOST got a Touch Pro 2 a few months ago. I always liked Android, as three of my co-workers have android phones but was afraid to make the switch. I know WM pretty well, and I'm comfortable playing with it, and I especially liked my wireless tethering with WMwifirouter (which I shelled out $30 for, and was WELL worth it).
    SO once I saw there were tethering options for android phones I had no excuse left NOT to get it, so I went down to radioshack and preordered it about an hour ago. I'm not gonna root it right away of course... I want to be very comfortable with it before I do that. But it seems internet will be so rich with that browser that I won't need to hook my computer up to it for a while.
    Looking forward to getting my new phone and KNOW I'll love Android!! Screw you Microsoft!!!

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