Apps Android notification bar

Hi , im new to the forum. I recently updated my phones to the new version of android and I am starting to regret it for some annoying issues im having with this new version. The 2 that bother me the most is the new notification layout and the date and time.

Is it possible to have navigation apps stay at the top of the notification list when you swipe down?
The previous version of android I had kept apps such as maps and waze at the top of the list, like a higher priority, making it easy to get back to them. This new updated version places it in the list in the order it was opened.

Also is it possible to get the date back in the notification bar on the first swipe/ I'm having to swipe down twice to the setting list to see the full date. I know there are apps that can put the date in the notification menu. it tired 2 and they both keep it there if its the only notification in the list. As soon as another notification comes in its pushed down and removed from the top of the list.