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Android on iphone 4

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Snow_Fox, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Snow_Fox

    Snow_Fox Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Ok guys no flamming and no bs. Mods if this is wrong forum my heart felt apologizes.

    Ok guys I want all resoruces imaginable on booting android on an iphone 4.

    I want to know how safe/dangerous it is. None of the bs of "oh it is horribly dangerous" when most of the "danger" is from the end user being a total and complete idiot with no knowledge of what to do should situation x, y, or z happen.

    I am mentioning this because, the captivate I have is very easy to root, very easy to install a custom rom on and people whine and gripe all day long about the "danger" of doing it.

    If the iphone 4 is anything like the captivate, there are a few problems that can happen but, it is very hard to screw something up so that it is totally unrepairable.

    I will go ahead and admit I screwed up installing cognition on my captivate, spent 2 hours trying to fix it and get it just right but, this goes back to the main point, it is hard to screw up beyond repair.

    I am wondering what the options are and what the level of success installing android on iphone is.

    My friend would like android 2.2 or 2.3 idealistically.

    If there is no real practical way to get it, that is fine. I've read in an article or two that android 2.3 on iphone 4 is lucky to get a few hours of battery life due to power management conflicts in the design of the iphone.

    However, if there is a practical working version of android we could install on their iphone 4 it would make them a pretty happy camper.

    I would like it to be fully functional and glitch free as if they had went out and actually bought an android phone.


  2. Outlaw71

    Outlaw71 Android Expert

    I've heard it's been done, but I certainly wouldn't know how to do it. Is there anything about it on the iForum?
  3. I heard Android 3.0 does not restrict the device configuration. Maybe 3.0 can run perfectly in iPhone 4
  4. Bob Maxey

    Bob Maxey Android Expert

    No flames here.

    I think I would listen to those people that offer warnings. I know lots of stuff about lots of stuff, but when it comes to how or why or why not I want to do something, I tend to listen to the experts. Perhaps the iPhone 4 is not designed to operate anything but IOS or perhaps it is as easy as pie. I do not know but I would learn as much as possible, first.

    Whenever I explain a technical problem to someone, I often assume they do not have a clue. I stopped assuming everyone is an expert long ago because it is not profitable to do so and it often costs me money to fix issues created by the clueless.

    I know from recent experience that you can backup and restore the Apple ROM. It is done through iTunes and relativly painless. I also know some are trying to load Android onto iThings.

    But success depends on lots of factors and I cant advise you because I am one of the clueless.

    I might suggest you visit an iPad/iPhone/IThing forum like ipadforums.com and look for a forum with people that live and breath rooting and jail breaking. Ask them a few questions. I'll bet the idea is not a new one.

    I am not sure why version of IOS Apple uses for the iPhone 4, but there are ways to jailbreak it (like rooting) to get access to the complete file system.

    I also know if you do have problems you can likely restore the apple OS.

    Good luck,

    Bob Maxey
  5. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    What you want, you can't have - the iDroid working on the iP4 - it's just not ready yet.

    To follow progress on that: Main Page - iDroidWiki

    Some people say it's working, but if you dig into it, they're really at alpha and not just there for the iP4.

    I did find one alternative that claims full success with the iP4 - warning the following website is obnoxious and invasive and this claimed solution is like 30 bucks.

    Because of the shill-like website, I'd _REALLY_ recommend checking into these guys before giving them any nickels. That said, here it is (turn down your speaker before clicking):

    Android on iPhone - Install Google Droid software on ANY iPhone!
  6. Snow_Fox

    Snow_Fox Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    @Bob Maxey

    While I do understand where your coming from.

    We all have a different standard for what is "dangerous".

    A process which may soft brick a phone isn't a big deal to me if there is a way to recover from it.

    I am pretty good with understanding what may go wrong, why and fixing it. I do understand that what i can do in my sleep my parents would never do ever.

    Hell, even know the chances of something happening with my particular phone were borderline non existant, there was still this huge rush and excitement when I did load my first rom. Words don't adequately express it well enough.

    I do understand there is a huge difference in my interest/ability to trouble shoot things compared to average joe.

    I do however, hate the dangers being overblown as much as they are.

    I am not trying to claim I am some sort of all knowing tech guru or anything of that nature, and I hate even saying "I am above average" or anything like that.. However, for whatever reason people are afraid to do anything past surface level when it comes to gadgets... (Part of why iproducts became so popular in the first place).


    Thanks. I am not paying anything though.

    30$ is to much money for something that could go horribly wrong even if they don't just take the money and run.

    Even if it doesn't mess up the phone, there is no real way to be sure it won't be a horribly laggy/crappy port or whatever else.

    I think we will wait until the free alternatives are ready.


    I didn't post in any sort of iforum because, I would assume android being used on iphone would be of more interest to android users or people who have iphone and are considering android.

    Than people happy with their iphone.
  7. Z3US

    Z3US Android Enthusiast

    looks like a big scam

    1st offer -> 30$
    2nd offer->19$
    3rd offer->9$

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  8. ChestBoxer

    ChestBoxer Lurker

    Scroll under the readme of this page I hope it helps
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  9. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    Welcome to the forums!
  10. Bob Maxey

    Bob Maxey Android Expert

    the picture links lead to a suspended account. Got any others?
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