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Android OS battery drain since ICS upgrade

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by villamike, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. villamike

    villamike Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi guys

    Ever since I upgraded my G2 to ICS, my battery has been poor, as you can see from the attachement, Android OS is killing my battery.

    Ive tried rebooting, this has not worked. Any suggestions? ta

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  2. Diverdave80

    Diverdave80 Newbie

    Im no expert, but this is what happend to me. Before ICS upgrade i was getting 2 days use out of my battery, im not a heavy user, WiFi in the evenings, Facebook, 3 email accounts syncing, the usual really. When i upgraded to ICS, my phone died in less than 24 hours. In fact, after the upgrade i remember seeing my battery go down whilst plugged into my PC! So, i let the battery go down to 1% of charge, turned the phone off, removed battery for 1 minute, back in, and then full charge using the mains charger. Im now getting 2.5 to 3 days use between charges, but i did delete my work exchange email account which seemed to be pushing emails even though id set it to sync every hour at peak times. This may or may not work for you, but worth a shot at least.
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  3. villamike

    villamike Newbie
    Thread Starter

    thans, will try draining the battery
  4. Hawker

    Hawker Android Expert

    Thats normal to be honest. You android OS is always running even when it is in its deepest sleep. It needs to in order to wake up in the first place, and to do all its background tasks (and there are many)
    Certain kernels would "mask" this, so that it would appear less of a drain, when in fact, other tasks (such as phone idle, cell standby, android system etc) would just bump up accordingly.
    Siyah on GB used to mask the AOS drain, but its ICS version appears not to.

    Judging on the shallowness of your battery drain chart, everything seems to be perfectly normal.
  5. Kibbster

    Kibbster Android Expert

    I agree, that looks pretty normal and healthy.

    Generally given some time battery life does improve within a week or two of a reset or software upgrade.

    Just checked my phone and it's on 73% after 8 and a half hours.
    That's probably twice what it was a week ago or so before it settled after my ICS upgrade.

    Try not to reboot to often (uses huge amounts of battery) and don't kill tasks.
    You can also use badass battery monitor from the market to check if there are any bad wake locks.
  6. whitey012001

    whitey012001 Newbie

    I'm the same, upgraded to ICS at the weekend an I'm not even getting a day out of the battery. I was getting 2 days with the same amount of use with the old os. I'll let mine "settle" but not going to hold my breath. Might go back to iPhone!
  7. flystelian

    flystelian Lurker

    i had the same problem on my sgs2 i almost to reboot it and i make some customisation .this is first day but its better
    On developer options unmark all .
    On Location service unmark last 2 use sensor and location and google ... it think this one is the drainer !!
    On accounts and sync i left only one of my mail .
    On power savings i make it custom

    and before in the morning fully charged it drain it to 30 % in the night
    now fully charged in the morning 70 % in the night .
    try it and reply
  8. mike rosoff

    mike rosoff Newbie

    Same here mates. My battery won't even last a day after updating to ICS. I've tried a few versions, XWLP8, XWLP9, DXLP9... same problem! Installed Wanam lite 11.5 coz I read somewhere that it's "battery friendly". Nothing seems to work. Think I'm gonna try the latest Siyah kernel.
  9. JR866Gooner

    JR866Gooner Android Enthusiast

    I found that most people (including me) were getting a battery drain, thankfully mine wasn't so severe but i did a factory reset after my initial upgrade and battery has been fine ever since!
  10. polimar

    polimar Lurker

    Here's what I did: Charged Phone to 98%, Powered OFF Phone while LEAVING charger connected, Waited about 6 min. (to get battery to 100%), Disconnected the Charger, Removed the Battery for about 2 min. and Re-inserted the Battery and Powered the Phone back on.

    In idle mode with Bluetooth on, the battery went from 100% to 97% in 11 hours!

    I think what this procedure forces ICS to re-calibrate the battery properly.

    Bonne chance to all!
  11. mike rosoff

    mike rosoff Newbie

    Update: After installing Siyah 3.2.1 kernel no noticeable improvement in my battery life.

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