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Android outsale the Iphone in the US

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Merolas, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. Merolas

    Merolas Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

  2. T3RBO

    T3RBO Member

    Interesting bit of info, thanks :)
  3. Tuttle

    Tuttle Newbie

    I didn't watch the video but I'm going to assume that the video is talking about how Android surpassed iPhone in sales. I just wanted to say that this information is kind of useless because you're comparing an OS with a specific phone model. It's like trying to compare the sales of your bananas to the sales of all your vegetables. It doesn't make much sense.
  4. ving

    ving Newbie

    I agree as iPhone is in essence competing with a number of manufacturers who have adopted the Android OS.
  5. radmac

    radmac Newbie

    on the other hand... do you have any choice of an iOs with any different phone than iPhone/iPad? ANYONE? in other words iOs = iPhone/iPad. so isn't it ok to compare iOs sales with Android sales via iPhone?
  6. T3RBO

    T3RBO Member

    Actually that's what the video kind of said and why I found it interesting... Android is available on loads of phone in various varieties so has a larger market, whereas the iphone is stand alone like Blackberry :D
  7. Hunted

    Hunted Well-Known Member

    like others have stated iphone/apple have 1 phone (4-5 models) and android have about 4000+ handsets so this is pointless.. should be in general discussion too not the X10 specific forum.. if it was more SE X10s sold than iphone 4g then it would be relevant..
  8. bish

    bish Newbie

    it dont matter how many android phones there are.....even if there was one android phone it will still sell more than the iphone cos its better.....if other manufactures start making phones with ios it wont make a difference to sales of the amount of the ios being sold becuase people have the choice to choose between android and ios.....hope u understand wat im trying to say.
  9. Hunted

    Hunted Well-Known Member

    Whatever.. so based on your argument a ford pinto is better than any ferrari, Bugatti Veyron, lambo... as ford have sold more cars than anyone else/bigger market share..
    the iphone is a premium phone no networks i know of give it away! where as i bet all androids are given away free on contract from
  10. NaplesBill

    NaplesBill Well-Known Member

    Saying that this doesn't matter because there is only one iPhone competing against multiple Android phones is an unsound argument. Why is there only one iPhone? This is a "platform" comparison and it doesn't matter if the device(s) for a given platform come from one or many manufacturers. The platform designer is the one who makes the decisions about the platform. Google designers felt it better to leave the manufacturing up to the manufacturers and focus on the platform OS instead. Apple and RIM want to maintain control of everything from beginning to end. Who has a better business model? I think you'll see that in the long run, multiple vendors, manufacturers and devices on an open platform is the better choice. In reality, Google is just improving on the Windows Mobile model but providing for a better OS upgrade and distribution system and not charging for licensing fees.

    The bottom line is that the current smartphone market only accounts for 25% of the mobile phone customer base. There is still so much room for growth that it is still anyones game and there are still a few players who have yet to throw the first pitch. The only thing important that this data shows is that nobody is safe from competition.
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