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Apr 17, 2012
So have been hearing about Android Pay. I would love to try so that don't have to carry wallet around. I am just not too sure how it works. For example, when you are about to pay, you just flash the phone or fire up the app first and then flash the phone.
If you don't have to fire up the app, anyone can skim your phone like RFID and charge on your android pay. I am sure this is not possible so then question. Don't want to make fool of myself at the store.

Thanks in advance.
You'll still need your wallet, it doesn't work everywhere.

You need to have a PIN on your phone in order to use Android Pay. I think being rooted is still a no-go too (not sure).

So. Unlock your phone with your PIN, tap the terminal. Done. It fires the app automatically, it's really just unlock and tap.

If you have a trusted device keeping your phone unlocked that can be trouble, I just disconnect my watch before paying.
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YI think being rooted is still a no-go too (not sure).

Pretty sure that right now Android Pay will fail to work if your /system partition has been modified in any way. Legacy system-based root would indeed modify your /system partition.

Some devices can support a (new) system-less root which may (for the time being) allow Android Pay to work, but I'm betting long term there will be root-/su-specific checks that will be done that will prevent Pay from being allowed.
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