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Android Phone 7 Theme

Discussion in 'Android Themes' started by paulmz, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. Harper77

    Harper77 Well-Known Member


  2. paulmz

    paulmz Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Well, I don't know where on XDA you got those icons, but most of them are mine from this thread. If you go to Page-1/Post-1 of this thread, all information is there... including links to all of the icon galleries in this thread.

    What I meant by the spacing was it doesn't look like you have "auto-stretch"/"auto-fit" widgets under the launcher settings. That would give you consistent icon sizes and, with the correct size icons, would also give you even spacing between all of them.

    Finally, check out Overlapping Widgets if you want to try and make a clock that matches.

    Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any other questions.
  3. paulmz

    paulmz Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Um... what? "kind of"? I assume you were referring to a specific post and not this entire thread, right?
  4. paulmz

    paulmz Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I don't quite get how Launcher7 came out of tsmvengy's quote, but you may just have to check it out. I'm pretty sure you can use your own images for the widgets, but I believe it only has two different sizes of widgets and it only scrolls vertically (which is my biggest gripe with Windows Phone 7- I like separate homescreens rather than one continuous, disorganized mess).

    Another good point about using this Android7 Theme is that you really don't need another launcher to get it to work. You can use your stock launcher so long as you don't mind smaller widgets and larger, possibly inconsistent spacing.

    Anyway, give it a go. Also, might I ask, why so stuck on GoLauncher? tsmvengy is right- if you are using GoLauncher, there are different widget dimensions for it because that launcher doesn't space widgets correctly.
  5. Harper77

    Harper77 Well-Known Member

    SOOOO sorry bro! U are totally correct they were from here. Most of the time when I am doing this am either at work "working" or at home and watching sports lol!

    I tried having this concept appearance not sure if I am totally in love with it. I thought about doing one where the tile icons are based on the USA version of The Office but when I started it took me over an hr to do one icon! :thinking:

    Is there a place where there are more icons?
  6. paulmz

    paulmz Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Sorry, I just scoured through this whole thread because I remember that someone else had done an Office theme before, but their links must be broken because I couldn't find them.

    Just gotta make them from scratch. Once you get one done, though, the rest are easier.
  7. Harper77

    Harper77 Well-Known Member

    Regarding Go Launcher - from what I have read and seen - Go Launcher is the only one that allows the user to have the unread notification in the dock, esp when using Gmail.

    That is my one major problem I have when I jumped from Crapberry to Android was the notification unread for my gmail account, thanks to some stupid 3rd party rule with Google, which I still cannot understand but anyway.

    I tried ADW Launcher, which was cool but again the issue with the unread notification.
  8. paulmz

    paulmz Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    That is a good reason. However, there is a way around that: Gmail Notification Fix

    All of my third party notification apps, including ADWNotifier for ADW Launcher, work now... and I intend to keep it that way. I really don't see anything so important about the newest version of Gmail that I NEED to accept the update and sacrifice actually being notified about emails.
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  9. Harper77

    Harper77 Well-Known Member

    So this that U posted above will allow me to have unread emails and texts even if they are in my dock?
    Will this work if my phone is unrooted?
  10. paulmz

    paulmz Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    So far it works on my Rezound, which is unrooted. All it does is install the version of Gmail before the privacy update that broke notifications. When I did it on mine, it just installed it over the newer version.

    It can't break your phone doing this at all.
  11. Harper77

    Harper77 Well-Known Member

    OK - maybe will try this afternoon. Might be calling on your expertise....;)

    I really prefer ADW personally as GO themes are kinda few and far between, at least for my tastes. Also ADW is more user friendly, at least for my limited knowledge when it comes to Android.
  12. tsmvengy

    tsmvengy Lurker

    I switched to ADW EX from Launcher Pro. I'm trying to use desktop visualizer and the same images I used before, but now things aren't lining up correctly. Is there some secret setting I need to have on ADW in order to make the widgets line up properly?
  13. paulmz

    paulmz Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Menu-> ADW Settings-> UI Settings-> Screen Preferences-> Advanced Settings-> Auto-Stretch

    Hope this helps!
  14. kathiny

    kathiny Lurker

    Great,Thanks for sharing
  15. seymour71

    seymour71 Newbie

    Hi guys, long time lurker here, this thread has inspired me to have a go, here is my first attempt.

    Need to do another 6 screens worth now though, and to try to get my head around the live tiles etc.

  16. seymour71

    seymour71 Newbie

    Also guys, how do I set up a widget with a link to a folder? Been trying to get my head around this *simple* task for a day or so?

    I'd like to put an icon on one of the homes screens, and get it to link to a folder with all my games in?
  17. esspi

    esspi Lurker

    thanks for all the info! first i made a set of icons that were similar to this one (using the paint program that came on the laptop and a free online photo editor)
    but i didnt like it as much so after playing around and changing it up
    this is what i came up with.
  18. paulmz

    paulmz Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Usually, you have to use a third-party app that categorizes apps into folders. I personally use: Folder Organizer - Paid App on Market. I also use Folder Organizer to show a pop-up of Bookmarks, too.

    There's also a free version: Folder Organizer Lite - Free App on Market, but I don't know which features are missing from this version.

    I think that Simi Folder Widget - Free App on Market also works, as well as Smart Shortcuts - Free App on Market.

    Making this work with a Desktop Visualizer widget is super easy: just make your Desktop Visualizer like normal with an image of your choice, then press "Select Action", "Other", then scroll to your shortcut link (using Folder Organizer, it's called "FO Folder link - Folder Organizer").

    Finally, you mentioned the "Live Tiles"... I don't "reskin" widgets as much anymore since most launchers now allow for Overlapping Widgets, which allows you to put any widget (like a toggle or notification) that can have a transparent background ON TOP of a Desktop Visualizer image widget. Works like gangbusters- just make sure to place the Desktop Visualizer widget first, then the widget you want to overlap it with, resize it under the Desktop Visualizer widget, and then restart your launcher- it will then show up on top of the Desktop Visualizer widget.

    Hope this helps!
  19. frodoisdead

    frodoisdead Lurker

    I notice that there is no dimension listing for the Galaxy Note, I take it that this hasn't been worked out yet? Just making sure I'm not being blind before attempting the test.
  20. paulmz

    paulmz Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    You re correct. The test would be required.
  21. spanktastik

    spanktastik Lurker

    Hej first of all I wanna thank you for this amazing idea! It adds an whole other dimension to the smart phone experience. Loving it!

    If I might be rude, I have always used GoLauncher ever since buying my Samsung Galaxy S2. Though admittely, I tried both launcherpro and ADW as well. But they felt less stable,smooth and intuitive.

    However to incorporate your idea properly I switched to launcher pro, couldnt get the dimensions as tight for GoLauncher since I am not used to this kind of stuff. Then decided I dont like launcher pro at all, so switched back to golauncher and the kinda messy axes ( though still looking good). Might switch to ADW, that is if I cannot set up GoLauncher properly.

    Now my question is how can one figure out the dimensions himself?? Cause I cannot make the test pictures properly.Sometimes I am running with a dockingbar+status bar (GoLauncher) and the other day I decide I dont want either of them.
  22. torieomufnill

    torieomufnill Newbie

    Good Themes. They almost look like a Windows Phone 7
  23. WindzStriker

    WindzStriker Lurker


    can you make one Whatsapp tiles image ?

    also one to check bus arrival timing, preferably an image of a bus ? :eek: :p
  24. paulmz

    paulmz Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Unfortunately, my schedule does not allow. If I can get around to it, I will post them later.
  25. WindzStriker

    WindzStriker Lurker

    thanks. ::):eek:

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