Android phone automatically "joining" contacts

I have a Droid Bionic with about 1300 contacts (work contacts). The problem that I am having is that many of my contacts are being automatically "joined". I know how to manually "separate" the joined contacts but my problem is that with 1300 contacts I can't tell which ones are "joined" together until I happen to be looking for one of those contacts. Also, I have one contact in particular that has many other contacts "joined" with it and it seems like it freezes up when I try to "separate" all the contacts in it. After about a minute it goes back to the contacts but no contacts are separated out from it.

Is there any way to "separate" all contacts in your entire contact book? All of my contacts are done through 1 gmail account and they HAVE NOT been "merged" on gmail.

Is anyone having this problem too? We have 3 of these phones and everyone has the same problem (but not necessarily with the same exact contacts.)