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Android phone cutting out during automated messages

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by zlloyd1, Jan 27, 2022.

  1. zlloyd1

    zlloyd1 Newbie
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    Hello everyone, I have an LG smartphone model LG LML212VL, that is running Android 8.1.0, and is using Tracfone Wireless Pay as you go plan for service, and it has a strange issue that I cannot find any cause for....
    Whenever I make a call, and get a robot (automated answering system) providing options, or menus, it cuts in and out, making it so that I cannot hear the instructions, and it cannot recognize my responses. :(
    Basically, what I hear is bits and pieces of instructions, and 'I'm sorry, I didn't get that, lets try again' over and over until it either hangs up on me, or connects me to a live agent. o_O
    If I am connected to someone, it is a good thing truthfully, as I would always rather speak with a human being than with a recording, but oftentimes, this is not the case, and I am missing out on accomplishing goals because of it. It is a real problem, mainly because SO MANY companies nowadays have robots answering their phones, long before you are allowed to reach an agent, forcing you to jump through a labyrinth of confusing hoops in order to get anything done. :mad:
    It does not seem to be happening when I am talking to live people though, and only automated answering robots, so I am thoroughly confused by this behavior. Can someone give me a possible cause for this, and if available, a fix?? :cool:
    Thanks in advance!!

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