Help Android Phone New Google Account login, calendar, email migration from exchange


Nov 3, 2011

First, I tried really hard to find the right place to post this question. I hope I succeeded! :)

I am trying to help someone convert from an exchange-based e-mail, contacts, and calendar on their Android phone to a new gmail account and calendar. This is an android and google account question so hope that is okay. Trying to figure out how android deals with this....

They have a google account now that they use to setup their phone and all their app purchases and phone backups have gone to that account over the years, however that account is not used for active e-mail and calendar currently. All email, contacts, and calendar has been exchange. Unfortunately the e-mail address associated with that google account is also not something they would want to use going forward, if so this would be easy...

I know pieces of this but have not put it together and need help. Since google accounts can only have one email address (ignoring forwarding and alias) I think I need to have them setup a new google account with an e-mail name that they want to use going forward. I can then set that up as IMAP on a desktop outlook client and copy over their old exchange e-mails and folders from a PST. So all e-mail is now on that new google account as it should sync back to the account. I guess I could also copy contacts over to that new google account this way? Or think I saw an export/import option, but that is outside the reason for the post unless there is input here too.

But here is where I am not clear on android...Now all their android phone backup, chrome bookmarks, etc. are on that old Google account. So do they need to continue to use that google account for their android phone login? Can they start using a new android login and somehow move those purchases over? Or will google/android freak out and think someone stole the phone!

Or do I need to have them just setup that second google account on android and then use that for their email, contacts and calendar and ignore email, contacts and calendar for that first login? Bottom line you want only one calendar, only one backup google account, and can have multiple google e-mail addresses (with of course multiple google accounts). E-mail only is easy, just set them up only in the android/Samsung e-mail client. But obviously I need some help on the other items.

Anyway, any help you can provide in sorting out the above would be great! I feel I am close to a solution but not.......quite......there......