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Android Pie Inconsistent Speaker Volume

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by txeris, Feb 20, 2019.

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    Brand new Nokia 6.1, stock, and Android One program, fully up to date (android 9, security patch 1/1/2019).

    I noticed while listening to Podcast on speaker phone, the volume would get quiet, then back to normal without me touching anything.

    So I started playing with speaker phone more and more. Using Spotify (volume normalization and equalizer off), I'd play a song..
    1. I'd turn indicated volume all the way down - actual speaker phone would be silent (good)
    2. I'd turn indicated volume all the way up - the volume would stop getting louder around half volume (bad)
    3. Sometimes after step 2, as soon as I'd turn indicated volume one click down from full volume, the actual volume would get much louder, as if the phone remembered what level it was supposed to be at.
    4. I'll restart my phone, and it works fine.

    Still working on consistent replication. Seems like software issue and I don't want to start phone shopping all over again.



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