Jan 19, 2022
Hello, Im running on a samsung s8+, Ive been trying to do the veve nft drops, but i have found out my phone processor is to slow for the processor to keep up with the timer, making it impossible to claim any drops. I was wondering if thier was a way to use my computer procesing power to run my android faster? Im thinking of using the s8 as rooted, and possibly using horizon rom with linux or windows 11. Any help would be appreciated even if to say its impossible and im crazy. I just dont want to spend weeks trying something that is impossible and havent been able to find anything online about it. thank you
"a way to use my computer processing power to run my android faster"? Do you mean run android on the PC, or offload some of the processing to the PC? The first can certainly be done with an emulator, but whether that will be fast enough for you I don't know (emulators are always slower than native computing). The second is something I've never heard of, and seems rather unlikely to me.
even if you slimmed down the os with a rooted custom rom, the processing power will not increase. the only way to do that is to get a new processor......which is not possible other than to upgrade your phone.
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