Android security is better than iPhone security.


Android Expert
Makes sense, although i think the Android market might be a little too open; it's like a swapmeet in Oakland, where what you think you are getting might not be what you actually get. I don't want the Android market as controlled as Apples, but I think a security check for odd or malicious behavior should be made BEFORE the app goes into the wild. I remember back when the N1 came out, there was a Wells Fargo or some kind of bank app that people downloaded and opened to check their accounts, but it wasn't from that bank, and had nothing to do with the bank, but it got lots of people to give their bank info away. Sure, it was caught by users pretty quick, but that's the old locking the stable door after the horse ran off thing. That is the kind of thing that needs to be stopped before it can hurt anyone. Other than that, that article made a lot of sense.