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android software review

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by erni, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. erni

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    Jan 5, 2012

    Jan 5, 2012
    moborobo software for android

    how to install:
    to install the moborobo, u need at least 44 mb. the next u can double click on it, and then chose the directory where u want to install, and then click next to start the installation. wait for a minutes, and then click finsih when it had been done.

    moborobo feature:
    this software provided two connection to our phone. wifi connection and usb connection. both of them can be used in properly. the different between them is when we want to instal phone daemon. to install those feature i must connect it with usb hub. if we connect our phone with wifi, we cant install it. phone daemon was used to coonect our phone in wifi mode.
    to connect in wifi mode, i must activate my daemon that i have installed with this software in my phone, and then input the code into my laptop. when it done all, we can start to using feature in this software with wifi connection.
    i have try all of the feature with wifi mode. it doesnt have some problem in this mode. i can backup my data perfectly, managing my contact properly. messaging with my computer when there is incoming message was doing properly too. its like i connect it with my usb hub. there was no significant delay when i connect with wifi or with my usb hub. and i think there isnt almost different between connection with usb or wifi for the transfer speed.
    downloading apps with this software was easy, i can download the master software and then install it directly from my computer at once. so i dont need to transfer my master apps into my phone first. very easy to do :)
    in dowloading apps, i prefer to use usb hub that wifi connection. why? cz it needs a good transfer rate to install the apps, if i use wifi connection, its take a long time to be done.
    not only apps, but also games was provided by moborobo. its amazing i think. :)
    for the management data, moborobo also provided backuping data and exploring data with the file feature. with those we can backup data in our computer and also we can delete, edit, or change our data with file feature in this software

    problem software:
    when im using all of the feature, i dont find any bug inside. i just find the cooming soon feature in this software. and i think it will be released in the full version software.
    hope it'll be a good feature from moborobo. :)


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