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Stock Android Calendar
My Micro SD card recently packed up, but not before I backed it up to my PC.
I bought a new SD card and tried to restore apps etc to it.

Most things restored, except for a few apps that seemed to go missing, but Contacts and Calendar failed.

With the help of HTC support, I was able to restore my contacts, but they told me that the Cal;endar had not got this facility.

Does anyone know how I can restore the calendar from my PC to my phone's SD c ard, please.
As I need to know where I should be tomorrow.
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my 'old' calendar is the stock one pre-loaded on the HTC Desire.
I use HTC Synch to connect with MS Outlook on my PC, but haven't synched for a few weeks!


Install Google Calendar Sync to sync your outlook calendar with Google, then sync the phone with Google and both should now show the same appointments. I am assuming that you have your appointments in Outlook on the PC.