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Android Studio 3.5 - Can't Debug Library androidTest with NDK

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by Dan Coleman, Aug 22, 2019.

  1. Dan Coleman

    Dan Coleman Lurker
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    I upgraded to Android Studio 3.5 yesterday. I am no longer able to debug an androidTest (instrumented) on a library that has NDK sources. This only happens if there is an externalNativeBuild and the project is set to build as a library (not an app). If either of these are not true, debugging works. Depending on the emulator used, the process hangs on "Instantiating tests" and causes the emulator to freeze up, or immediately exists with the message "Cannot get process architecture". This was working fine in 3.4. I am running Android Studio on macOS. I am able to reproduce this by creating a new "Native C++" project, changing the plugin to "com.android.library" and commenting out the applicationId. Any help getting around this, and with how to file a bug for Android Studio, would be greatly appreciated, thank you!.


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