Feb 3, 2009
Here, UK
Hey Everyone

Before you say anything I hope this is ok to post and I hope this doesn't get seen as spam as it is a genuine request. I am looking to find out what the average Android user is like. I want to get as many Android users as possible to answer my short survey at Android Users

I hope you will help me out with this as I am looking to write an article about it and present my findings.

Darren ;)

Could you please post a link to your article when you are done? I'm sure everyone here would be interested in your findings :)
Thanks to everyone who has responded so far, I have over 1000 responses. :D I will link the article as soon as I take the survey down (will leave it up another week or so) and would appreciate your comments.

If you haven't answered yet then PLEASE do so.

Thanks again and this is another reason why the Android community ROCKS ;)
I dread these requests because they are usually 50 questions and take forever........but not this one! Submitted! :D
You guys have been great so far. Still want more responses though so I can get as much info as possible for the article. Go here if you haven't done so already. I appreciate it.