Help Android System Apps vs. User Apps (installing-as)


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I've read up on this exact topic before, but just really need a solid-answer on this question.
I'm going to use this as my best example in asking my question.

I have a Galaxy S4, Android v5.01, rooted, using Titanium Backup Pro, I uninstalled all the bloatware etc. Now apps I left installed, such as GMail, Google Maps, etc., they are all installed as system apps.

My question is this:
Why are those apps installed as "system" apps, that is mostly I'm talking about the Google apps, like GMail, Google Maps, etc., .. AND, if I was to uninstall all of these apps, via Titanium, and then after uninstalling them, I could actually go to the Play Store and reinstall them all if I wanted, AND doing so, they would install as USER apps, not system apps.

So if I did exactly that, let's say GMail and Google Maps, uninstall them, go to the play store, reinstall them from there, and then they would be user apps, not system apps, what exactly is the difference? How will they run differently? how does this effect the way these apps would now operate now being a user-installed app and no longer a system app?

I hope I have made the question as clear as possible.



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I'd say there's not a lot of difference. The reason they're system apps is because they get installed when the system is originally installed. Facebook is a prime example of this. It's on most stock firmware but the majority of custom roms won't include it. It'll work just the same if you download it later :)


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Although just to be on the safe side. Back up with Titanium first then give it a try. In the unlikely event they don't work you can always restore them as system ;)


System apps are apps are apps that are (as you may have guessed) part of the system. Some apps are important for the system, like the clock, but others are just bloatware. The apps you mentioned can all be removed and reinstalled from the play store (or any other marketplace that has them) but I'd agree with Shotgun84 that you should make a backup. Accidents happen and you should be prepared for them.


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I think it's because since google develops android they just want those bloatware apps on every device as a system app because they can. There isn't any actual purpose for them to be installed as nonremovable system apps because they can be downloaded from the play store by the user if he/she uses the specific app. They wont stop working differently(at least from my experience).All that these bloatware apps really do is take up storage and the only thing the average person can do to sort of get 'rid' of these bloatware apps is disable them

At least that's what I think.