Android System using up a lot of battery

Stannis the Mannis

So my battery has been draining faster than normal the past 2 days or so, and Android System has been using up a lot of the battery, here are screen caps. I'm not sure what's going on, the last app I downloaded was "Klyph Beta" and I uninstalled it but Android System still takes up over 20%. Earlier today when I pulled out the charger, I didn't use the phone for an hour but the battery drained to 95%, normally it wouldn't drain more than 1% with the screen off.


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I'm having the same issue. Right now I'm with 5% battery left, on for 21h but with very little use of the phone. Android SO is eating 57% of it, screen comes next with 17%. I'm using a samsung galaxy grand duos not rooted. Looks like it's not going to sleep.
Any clues about what is happening?


The Doctor
Try getting PowerTutor, then charge the phone up, and run PowerTutor, and let it monitor the device from 100% till say 10 or 5% and see if it gives a more specific app causing the wakelock


Extreme Android User
Mine loses power like a person losing blood after being slit in the throat, phone is red hot, but only with mobile network on, which is odd as I got plenty of bars. CDMA must really be an inefficient network.


Just did something really dumb. Battery was dying this afternoon, but before putting it to charge decided to stop power tutor thinking it would give me a log. Happens it didn't. So, I will have to wait to get some info again.
But as I remember, the app on top of the list was facebook, using a little more of 10%. Following was some android kernel, using a little less.
I don't remember if it was the third, but nova launcher was there too. Are launchers battery drainers?
Cpu spy told me my phone was in deep sleep more than 60% of the time, which I think is great. It has a lot of wakes, but I think it is facebook and mail sync.
I think I'm getting this readings because my use of the phone is usually fast. So, my screen doesn't spend a lot of time on, but my apps keep syncing, and that's when I get it, use it, and turn off again.
As my battery is more than enough to get through the day, think I'll stop bothering and just enjoy the phone.

Just remmbered. My phone was on the charge for 25h, with 3h of screen on and 6h of cpu work. Had around 25% battery left.