Android Tab for everything :)

Hey all,

I have a couple of questions I'd like to ask.

I have my pc set-up to my TV with a HDMI lead so i can watch movies and TV shows. what's the best app and program for a Android tab to use so i can control it. My brother told me that i can do this on an ipad it shows the DVD case on the ipad when your scrolling thru the menu.

Also can a tablet control the TV? and virgin box?

Next question

What is a good tab to buy for my needs?

Many thanks


There's many types of tablets, so it kind of depends on things like size, guts, and cost.

You might want to look for DLNA, which will allow stuff on your tablet to be shared, or things on your PC to be viewed on the tablet. As for using it as a remote, I'm not sure offhand. I think it would depend on the desktop software supporting an Android app as well, though remote access is a sloppy workaround.


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For controlling my laptop hooked up to my tv, I use Remote Droid. It has a touchpad and a keyboard. I also use splashtop for remote desktop sharing.