Android tablet issue

Hi all,
I need some help on my android 2.2 tablet PC. Recently I have download multiprocess apps and currently this apps seems to have some issue. So eventhough when I switch off and on the power, after Android logo show up, the system immediately show this apps encounter some error message and it seems to be have infinite loop to always run this apps eventhough I click ok to cancel and the system not able to go to normal system loop.
Any one can help to solve this issue. One question is that how can I reset anything (go to factory reset) in root once I use USB to connect from window PC to my tablet PC and in root environment.

many thanks and help..



Android Expert
Hi Patricksibu.

You have posted in the Motorola A855 Droid (phone) section of this site, and the 'rooted' section as well, however your situation as posted seems not to be about rooting and more so not at all about the particular model this section is for and finally for a tablet and not a phone.

Here is the tablet section of this site:

Android Tablets & MIDs - Android Forums

I am going to ask that this post be moved to the appropiate section, but ask that you do so as well with more specific information as to your actual tablet model, since as you can see, there are many. What works for one make and model of a tablet (or phone) hardly ever works for another.

good luck