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Android tablet with rockchip 2918 design

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by anyown, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. anyown

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    At recent, we find many Android tablet with rockchip in Chinese Android tablet markets. And the new SDK2.0 UI and low price have attracted many Android fans. Today i will recommend an Chinese Android design company with rockchip rk2918. The following is the new 7" android oem design.

    It has the standard configuration with rk2918 chip(1.2GHz), 7 inch capacitive screen, 512MB RAM and 1080P HD video supported. In addition, it provides 800x480 / 1024x768 Capacitance Multi-touch and runs Android 2.3 OS.
    the feature is just quote from the Giayee.com ,you could find more on the 7 inch RK2918 android mid page or contact the skype(giayee).

    Sorry, the picture is not allowable. You could find on giayee.com

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