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Android tablets with phone capabilities?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Omar Days, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. Omar Days

    Omar Days Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Are there any tablets available right now or any coming out in the future with phone and text capabilities? And I don't mean Skype/voip. Like, where you could put your sim card in it and use as a phone if you wish?

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  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor

    Some Samsung Galaxy Tabs have that feature: The P1000, the Tab 8.9, and the Tab 10.1 4G
  3. joseph.v1988

    joseph.v1988 Newbie

    Yes I have the Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 and I use it with wifi I can dial out but not recive let me know if you need help
  4. ukstan

    ukstan Member

    HTC flyer is also phone, its a beauty but expensive
  5. talormolly

    talormolly Newbie

    A Chinese tablet can do, which named Dropad A9N, I've read a review of the device, but it seems that no one would like to make a phone call while holding the thing
  6. natEMi

    natEMi Newbie

    the viewsonic one has unlocked 3g.
  7. gen-e

    gen-e Newbie

    Where did you see the review for this tablet? Is it a comprehensive review?
    I am interested to see a review or user who can tell me that they actually have a version of this tablet that have a working GPS.
    I sell this tablet too under the brand Gen-E and I know its GPS actually work but every seller out there mentions that it has GPS ......."frown"

    Yes, this tablet can make GSM phone call but only in handsfree mode.
  8. andromida

    andromida Lurker

    Hi try looking at foneboxnation.com they have one on there I use them quite alot and their reliable.
  9. AlwaysAngry

    AlwaysAngry Well-Known Member


    the samsung galaxy note is technically a phone with a 5.3" screen. unfortunately, it looks like it will only be released for at&t.

    does anyone know why most of the rest of the world can use their tables like a phone, but nothing in the us?

    apparently some of these tablets have the hardware to be used as a phone but NONE of the cell providers in the us offer a voice plan for their tablets, wtf is that all about?!?

    there's also the asus padphone coming out...

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