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Android Tip Calculators Compared

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by phandroid, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. phandroid

    phandroid Admin News Bot
    Thread Starter

    At the time of recording this video there were 3 Tip Calculators on the Android Market. Since then, even more have sprung up. While I tip my hat to the developers who put their best effort towards making gEZtip, Tip Calculator and SA Tip Calculator, but I found neither 3 were up to par with [...]


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  2. Flatman

    Flatman Well-Known Member

    Really...how hard is it to calculate a tip in your head??? Do people really use these things?
  3. solider

    solider Newbie

    Unfortunately, for people like me who uberly sucks at even basic math (just the thought of numbers makes me cringe), it would be kinda useful =)
  4. drustvold

    drustvold Well-Known Member

    If it was a tip calculator that let your rate the place you're at while you figure your tip, that would at least be a reason to even use a tip calculator.
  5. Syrax

    Syrax Member

    I understand the purpose of having a tip calculator, but having more than 3 is a bit out of hand. There are many more possible apps that require time and effort.

    N3TWORK BURN3R Android Enthusiast

    Just typing this makes me cringe....cause numbers are associated with letters. *shivers* I hate math.
  7. G1Fan2009

    G1Fan2009 Newbie

    I need a Tip Calculator because after 2 drinkies with friends over dinner, I can barely add 1 + 1. Some of you don't understand this, but it happens.

    There are people out there, that don't believe in owning a pocket calculator when you can just use a pencil and paper to figure it out...

    Most people understand that they tip for the food and the service they received.

    Most people don't want to celebrate being taxed.

    Most people realize they aren't expected to tip for being taxed.
    gEZTip is the only android app that understands this.

    On gEZTip you enter the Tax Rate once. It saves your Tax Rate for the next time you use it.
    So the whole 2 seconds of your life you spent entering the Tax Rate field, will not go to waste.
  8. grahamsz

    grahamsz Newbie

    It's not like the sales tax rate is constant. I live in a town of 30,000 and it varies quite significantly from one side of the town to the other as you move between counties, school districts, in and out of the transit district. Now the adjusted the library districts so they don't sync with either the counties or school district.

    It's quite bizarre, but the tax offset means it's actually cheaper for me to have lumber delivered from a mile away than to pick it up myself.

    Of course trying to explain that to them and getting your tax counted appropriately is probably more time consuming than it's worth
  9. showymilkweed

    showymilkweed Lurker

    yeah, yeah, calculating a tip is a no brainer, but everyone should check out service tattler. it's seriously a tip calculator on steroids and really fun to use. it lets you select from a list of yays (things you liked during your experience) and boos (things that needed a little work). you can also use the timer feature if you really get into it and aren't on a first date (lol). all of these things determine tip percentage. you can also post your service review anonymously and read other reviews.
  10. Edaze55

    Edaze55 Android Expert

    This is more or less how part of the way I go about factoring tips as well. Having this all in an app would make dining out more like a game. I'll have to take a look at this. :)
  11. claytantor

    claytantor Lurker

    Hey Android Users!

    My name is Clay Graham, I am the founder of servicetattler.com

    Service Tattler is an ultra light mobile service review tool that lets you review your service experience quickly, make an objective calculation for tipping, and then post your service review anonymously to our website as well as your twitter feed.

    We like community applications, so a simple tip calculator just wont cut it for us. Spending the time to collect service quality information, and then sharing it with others, now that's meaningful.

    I am really excited to find out people are talking about our free application. It is great to see that people really like our application, we are currently rated at about 4.85 out of 5 stars with over 10 reviews. We are currently in "alpha" that means we are not finished working on it, so the good reviews and words from people like you really make us hopeful.

    I have made a demo video that goes over the basics:

    Service Tattler Demo

    I hope it might make it easier to understand how we are more than just a tip calculator. Please fee free to contact me and tell me how we can make our product better.

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