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android to pc to xbox 360

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by plugsmustard, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. plugsmustard

    Thread Starter

    Things you need.
    One. Wireless capabilities on pc or laptop.
    2. Unlimited data.
    3. Android phone rooted.
    4. Xbox 360.
    5. Ethernet cord.

    One. Download your choice of usb or wireless tether for android
    Wireless tether for root users

    2. Connect it to your pc, desktop or laptop. (Wireless is possible)

    3. Go into network connections from the control panel.
    -right click on lan connection. Go into properties. Click on tcp/ip and then click properties.
    Change the ip address to Subnet should come up automatically, if not its
    Default gateway - click start - run - type "cmd" - in command prompt type "ipconfig"
    There's your default gateway. (Didn't need to change DNS)

    4. Connect an ethernet cord from computer to xbox 360.

    5. Go back into network connections. Highlight both wireless and lan connections. Right click , and bridge connections.

    6. Connect to xbox live.

    Hope this helps. If you happen to have a wireless usb adapter you don't need android. But if it really comes down to it. You could play xbox 360 in your car. Online!

    EDIT---or in the middle of the woods while camping...which i will be doing this summer!---

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  2. nateo200

    nateo200 Android Enthusiast

    Yeah woth half a second ping just wait to get booted....personally I think its cool and I've tred it but its lile an emergency only thing as online games need a solid connection that never drops below 0.5MB/s. If your on Rogers where you get cosistant 5+MB/s speeds then yeah it migt work but fiber/cable > cellular/satellite.
  3. Edalrat

    Edalrat Lurker

    This is still a cool idea if you just want to connect to get a couple updates.

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