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General Android Tv Box - Basic info and suggestion

Discussion in 'TV & Video' started by Alcantara, Jul 8, 2016.

  1. Alcantara

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    Jul 8, 2016

    Jul 8, 2016
    Hi guys,
    it is the first time i post here and I hope those who have a long experience with Android TV will tolerate my passion and desire to learn.

    I have recently received my Roku 2 after i signed up with Sling TV. I also have Netflix so this tiny device kind of works; I am however still having issues with HD movies and Tv-Shows from Netflix (when i play them from my PC the HD is crispy clear but from Roku is at best an SD quality).

    The (other) problem is that I cannot receive OTA channel unless i switch input on the TV, which is quite annoying, and I was wondering if anybody could suggest me a good Android TV box that allows me to have all on the same device. I want to be able to watch from a single box these channels/subscriptions:

    - Over-the-air (OTA) Channels through my wall antenna in HD (for local news and free TV channels),
    - Netflix (HD)
    - Sling Tv (HD)
    - Youtube
    - and possibly something that allows me to install apps from the android market to watch subscription channels like HBO now, CBS,.... without having to switch devices or input.

    I would like also to use just one remote control from which I can switch between inputs (Netflix, Sling, OTA, Apps, ...), program and volume (instead of having a different remote for every device/input).

    Is this possible?


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