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Android Tv Box Flexiview FV-3 (mesada)

Discussion in 'TV & Video' started by Pluto63, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. Pluto63

    Pluto63 Lurker
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    Just got this AmLogic based tv box, manufactured by Mesada model FV3, rebranded also in many other ways.
    It's running android version 2.3.4 with November updated firmware.
    No root access, gingerbreak and superoneclick do not work.
    I'll soon post a raw unboxing video and some initial impressions.
    First look: Clean interface, big icons and fonts, re-sizable display can fully fit TV, factory installed market not latest version but all apps and games shows and are downloadable, essential apps installed and some more on internal flash such as skype, flash 10,3 ecc.

    Ftp link is - name: overseas password: overseas
    Download user manual, specifications, firmware, upgrading instructions etc.
    Thanks to "alphaecho" for the link

    Mirror... http://www.mediafire.com/?adl6gc3dr7jeu27 thanks to "Pippopelo"

    If someone else have this device pls write here to exchange info, tnx

    Product Features

    AML8726_M(1.0GHz/main +300M/GPU+200M/video decoder DSP)
    Based on Android2.3 OS
    Built in WIFI module, wireless internet access
    RJ45 interface for internet cable connect in
    Support 1080P video playback
    HDMI out, Y/PbPr,connect to HDTV for HD video playback
    USB interface, support external 2.5" HDD, support mouse and keyboard operating.
    Support weather, calendar, desk top clock gargets
    Support 2.4G wireless mouse& keyboard operation
    Support flash10.3 player , online video playing
    Support music player, picture player and more family entertainment
    Support SD card
    Support Google Chrome browser and AppMarket for free application install
    Support Video Chat/Conference

    CPU AML8726_M(800MHz/main +300M/GPU+200M/video decoder DSP)
    Memory DDR3 512MB
    Flash Nand Flash 4GB
    WIFI Samsung SWB-B23, 802.11b/g/n
    IR Infra Remote control
    Mould Plastic
    OS Google Android 2.3
    Adobe Flash Adobe Flash 10.3 support or above
    Video MPEG, MKV, AVI, FLV, VP8 up to 1080P support
    3G No
    I/O HDMI 1.3 up to 1920*1080 resolution
    VGA Suppert
    AV Support
    Optical Audio SPDIF Standard
    USB OTG one OTG port to support usb device
    USB HOST Host usb port
    3 in 1 card reader SD card interface
    Power 12 V 1.5A, One power botton
    Remote YES
    Accessories HDMI cable
    Power charger adapter
    Remote controller
    User Manual

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  2. Pluto63

    Pluto63 Lurker
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    No luck on rooting the device till now, contacted manufacturer mail "info@mesada.com" but they only give me the ftp server i knew and a "Root access is not available." response.
    Any help or ideas ?
  3. in_msz

    in_msz Member

    Having this box stated AS FV 3

    The one posted by you is stated as fv 2 in artway company.

    Using this box from 2 weeks .Plays 1080 well ,skype is good
    the bad is air remote not sensitive infact very bad.
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  4. PhoenixBRZL

    PhoenixBRZL Lurker

    Hi Pluto63,

    I recently ordered one piece of mesada FV-3 from China but its on transit yet. I would be glad if you can tell me if it does or not video calls with voice over Skype. Did you already tested it?

  5. Pluto63

    Pluto63 Lurker
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    Yes Skype works fine with the preinstalled version, do not upgrade to new ones, this also goes to YouTube apk and others.
  6. android box

    android box Lurker

    What is the version of pre-installed skype?
  7. nandocaldeira

    nandocaldeira Lurker

    Good morning, I have a FV1 android 2.2. I use this procedure to upgrade it to android 2.3?

    The link to the manual appears to be damaged. You can fix it please?

  8. Divaria

    Divaria Lurker


    I have my Flexiview FV-3 now for 2 weeks, it was O.K. for 1 week, Then WiFi stopt working.
    Tried a factory reset already but no change, if I try to activate WiFi it doesn't start searching, I only see error.
    I also tried the upgrade from Pippopelo but I don't think that workt at all for me, a green LED flashing for more then 20 minutes, I think nothing happend.
    The box is still working but I don,t have a ethernetconnection near my TV so I want to use Wifi.
    I have send an E-mail to Mesada for help, but no answer, its weekend.
    Can anybody at this forum give me an advice or tip.
  9. delysid

    delysid Newbie

    FTP doesn't work. Please give me upgrading instructions.
  10. androidtvfan

    androidtvfan Well-Known Member

    I got one of these from ebay. Does anyone know how to stream videos and photos from my andriod phone (Samsung S2) ?

    Skype crashes the box though with me
  11. erim1198

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  12. biggas

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