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Android TV Box - MXQ Pro vs MS8 Plus

Discussion in 'TV & Video' started by Shaitan00, Feb 14, 2016.

  1. Shaitan00

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    I am trying to determine which TV Box to buy (stream netflix and local storage from NAS), based on my research the 2 I am most interested in is the
    - MXQ Pro (S905 64-bit)
    - MS8 Plus (S812)

    However I am having a real hard time comparing them to determine which is the best choice...
    - the MS8 Plus is more expensive but it runs an older chipset (s812 instead of s905 64-bit), I find it hard to swallow paying more for older technology unless there is a reason
    - I don;t care about 4K but I use it WiFi and the MS8 Plus review tend to indicate it has better WiFi (is this true at all?), I have an old Linksys EA4500 router
    - I noticed that Kodi 16 (Jarvis) is in the works, would it work on the MS8 Plus? Would rather buy something that can be upgraded
    - Is the extra 1GB of RAM worth it (MS8 Plus)?
    As you can see I am trying to do a rationale comparison between the two, of course anything else to consider please let me know :)
    Of course I am completely open to any other suggestions as well (beside those 2), but for the price vs features they seem like the best bang-for-buck.

    One last side-question, I noticed both models are sold by MANY different companies (looking on Amazon), they all seem to be pretty much the same hardware - so the difference is in the loaded software (which honestly who cares - I can reload it manually if needed), so either I take the cheapest or I would much prefer to get that someone has actually used and can confirm works correctly - anyone?


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